Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th.

My baby's first holiday. LOL We're going to my aunts this evening for a cook out or in (depending on the rain) and fireworks (also, depending on the rain). There hasn't been much going on here other than cleaning and eating. I swear my kid eats like a horse. He's growing so big. Last time he weighed 11lbs. 12oz. and I'm sure he's gained since then. His 2m well baby check up is on Monday so we'll see how big he's gotten. A note for anyone who has a hoss baby like mine: Gerber onesies run small. If you cloth diaper then they run really small. We're going to buy 9-12m to tye-dye because if we get anything smaller he's going to outgrow them way to fast.

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