Thursday, June 19, 2008

My very own blog...

This is my first entry so I'll give a bit of background. 6 weeks ago today I had been a mother for less than 24 hrs. My poor baby has had a rough beginning, possible cystic fibrosis (we go to a specialist on the 25th), reflux, and a dairy allergy. Since I'm breastfeeding this means that I have to go dairy free. I miss cheese so much. I went from one extreme diet change while pregnant to this. I'm also battleing post partum depression. I started a medicine called Celexa yesterday; I hope it helps.
It's amazing how big my baby has gotten. He started at 8lbs. 1oz. and as of 6-13 he was 10lbs. 6oz. It's so wonderful to know that my body has provide the nurishment to make my baby grow so much. It makes me very proud when people ask if I'm breastfeeding and I get to tell them yes.
I guess that's a decent summary of life up to now.

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